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The Whitening Collection Instructions


• Apply 0.5mL of LINHART Professional Teeth Whitening Gel from a syringe onto the upper and lower inner areas of the clear tray attached to the whitening light
• Gel can also be placed in custom whitening trays, or directly on the front of teeth
• Position tray inside mouth, and remove any excess gel from the gums with a tissue or cotton swab
• Turn on the LED light by holding the On/Off button for 4 seconds
• The light has a 16 minute built-in timer; two to four timed cycles
are recommended
• When complete, remove the tray and rinse your mouth with water
• Repeat daily until desired results are achieved
Use the LINHART Tooth Whitener Gel on top of your toothpaste to maintain your shade of white

• For best results, apply after your nightly dental routine with LINHART Smile Care products
• LINHART Professional Whitening Gel can be used with or without the whitening light, and in any type of tray
• If sensitivity occurs, remove the tray immediately
• Be sure to avoid eating, drinking and smoking for at least 1 hour after treatment
• Clean the tray/light thoroughly with warm water after use
• Store your light and gel in a cool dry place away from children and pets

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