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    Linämel Toothpaste Travel 1oz (Wholesale)

    Linämel Toothpaste Travel 1oz (Wholesale)

    By Dentists For You

    Made in the USA. By Dentists, For You!

    This travel size, 1 oz. version of our toothpaste is perfect for the traveler on the go! Sold in a convenient 3-pack.

    LINHART Travel Toothpaste contains Aloe and LinämelTM - enamel protection formulated with three essential ingredients:

    THEOBROMINE is an extract of the cocoa bean and helps strengthen enamel. 

    FLUORIDE is a hallmark of modern cavity prevention; a naturally occurring ingredient found in rivers and hot springs around the world. The use of Fluoride in toothpaste is a tried and true method for remineralizing and protecting enamel from acid attacks that cause decay. 

    XYLITOL is a natural sugar that prevents tooth decay by keeping the mouth at a neutral pH level.

    ALOE VERA, the age-old healing extract of the Aloe Barbadensis plant, is included to help soothe and heal the gums.



    Active Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride 0.25%
    Inactive Ingredients: sorbitol, water (purified), hydrated silica, xylitol, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, titanium dioxide, cellulose gum, disodium phosphate, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, allantoin, sodium saccharin, theobromine, bisabolol


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    Why Ingredients Matter!

    A line of oral care products based on 10 years of development within our global patient pool, 40 years of dental experience, and 100 years of Linhart expertise!

    “We pride ourselves on having consistent, long-term patients who travel to us from around the world. We work hard to create an environment in our office where patients feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best possible dental care, and we practiced this same approach in creating our products."

    -Dr. Linhart

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