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The Beauty Puff - LINHART NYC

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One of my favorite ways to get our household basics is through subscriptions. Did you know you can get your all your oral care basics sent as a subscription too? Linhart NYC was created by a father and son, both dentists, who sought to create a product line that provides well-rounded oral care without sacrificing quality. Their line consists of a toothpaste, whitener gel, lip balm and toothbrush which can all be incorporated into your daily routine at home or on-the-go!

Linhart NYC  |  The Beauty Puff

The Subscription  |  So you love the idea of all your basics sent right to your door? Look no further. The Linhart subscription includes everything you need and can be customized depending on the size of your household. Choose from single, couple or family sizes. Boxes are sent on a bi-monthly basis.
Single Subscription  |  Includes one toothpaste, one toothbrush, one lip balm
Couple Subscription  |  Includes two toothpastes, two toothbrushes, one tooth whitener gel and two lip balms
Family Subscription  |  Includes four toothpastes, four toothbrushes, two tooth whitener gels, and four lip balms

Linhart NYC  |  The Beauty Puff
The Products  |  The Linhart oral care line is comprised of everyday basics that are designed to give you the preventative and restorative care right in the comfort of your home. The toothpaste contains key ingredients like Theobromine for stronger enamel, Fluoride for cavity prevention, Xylitol to prevent decay, and Aloe to soothe and heal gums. The Nano-Silver Toothbrush comes in both dark and light shades to easily tell between the family's toothbrushes. Dual length, antibacterial bristles reach all areas of the teeth and kill 99% of harmful bacteria. The Teeth Whitener Gel is an easy addition to your daily oral care routine, just add a drop to your toothpaste 1-2 times a day. The last essential in the Linhart collection is their lip balm which comes in spearmint and vanilla mint. The Linhart lip balms hydrate with plant oils and protect lips with SPF.

Linhart NYC  |  The Beauty Puff

Want to try Linhart products for free? The Linhart Trial Kit includes one travel size toothpaste, one Nano-Silver Toothbrush and one lip balm. Just pay $5 shipping and handing. Explore the entire Linhart collection below and check out their subscriptions to save 20%!