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New Beauty Test Tube January 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty subscription box filled with 10+ deluxe and full-sized luxury beauty products, plus a subscription to New Beauty Magazine, delivered quarterly. This subscription is $29.95 plus shipping and is delivered every other month. NBTT recently made some changes and now says that they offer “beauty solutions” that will help solve our biggest makeup, skin, hair, and body concerns.

Everything in my box! NBTT promises 10 or more full-sized and deluxe sample-sized products and at least $150 value.

DEAL: Save $9 on your first box! No coupon needed, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Each box comes with a lengthy product information booklet to teach you about everything in your haul.


The booklet has several pages of listicles, pointing out trends and hot topics in the world beauty.

Many powerful ingredients pop up over and over again in the best beauty products — these pages explain some of the science that makes these products so effective.

The booklet also has product pages that are very detailed and list the problem, solution, retail price, and insight from the editors regarding each product.

You’ll notice those beneficial ingredients from the first few pages popping up all over the place.

The price for a full-size version of each product is noted — you definitely get a sense of how much value is crammed into this subscription!

I find the format really useful. It has tons of information, but it’s broken down into quickly-scannable blurbs, and the Problem/Solution header is an instant snapshot of each product’s purpose.

Not every product in the tube gets listed in the booklet, and there may be variations with the additional products.

This box has items that aren’t in the booklet (total variations/bonus items) plus items that you will see in the booklet but not receive because they are a variant item. In addition – the booklet shows the full sizes while you may not receive the full size. We’ve broken things down into 3 sections below – in the booklet (everyone gets), everyone gets a variant item, and bonus items that aren’t in the booklet. There weren’t any bonus items this time around.


Linhart Toothpaste ($10) Formulated with theobromine, fluoride and xylitol, this toothpaste keeps the teeth clean and strong. It also contains aloe vera that helps in soothing and healing the gums. I was a little concerned with the anise this would taste like licorice, but it has a great minty flavor.