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LINHART Subscription Bundle

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If you, my #BeautyBagDolls are like me then you love subscription boxes and there is an amazing one out there from LINHART this subscription bundle is designed to care for your teeth.  Another great thing is you can get a free trial subscription and just pay the $5.00 shipping costs. The bundles come in Single, Couple and Family. I am excited to review for you the Single LINHART Subscription Bundle.

A subscription bundle no one should be without! I love LINHART!

The LINHART Subscription Bundle Single includes their amazing Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Lip balm. The LINHART Nano-Silver Toothbrush is an integral part of the product-line, featuring a unique combination of antibacterial, ultra-soft, multi-length bristles. This toothbrush is amazing it is very gentle on your teeth and gums I love it with their amazing LINHART Toothpaste contains Aloe and Linämel - enamel protection formulated with three essential ingredients: Theorbromine, Fluoride and Xylitol. I know ingredients are important and these are doing a wonderful job in keeping my teeth cleans and fresh all while making my teeth look bright and healthy. Finally included in the LINHART Subscription Bundle Single is their LINHART lip balm is formulated with plant oils that mimic the skin's natural oils much better than petroleum and absorb more easily to protect and moisturize the skin. In addition, the natural and organic ingredients in LINHART lip balm are packed with the vitamins and nutrients your lips need to stay healthy! The entire subscription bundle is a beauty bag must have. My smile sparkles, breath stays fresh and my lips are soft and proected with SPF! This is a subscription box I highly recommend! LINHART is a 5 $$$$$ and remember you can customize it to your needs. I am giving this some EXTRA LOVE FROM ANNA!

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