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DOMINO Loves LINHART Toothpaste!

Check out this amazing article from about our awesome toothpaste. They even go as far as comparing our design to those by Phillipe Starck. Thanks!

Linhart, $12

We recently re-discovered our love for orange and haven’t turned back—medicine cabinet included. If you love French designer Philippe Starck (and his design passion of sneaking a touch of vibrant orange into every single room he designs), then you’ll definitely appreciate this bold orange tube.

The mix of fluoride (Dr. Plotnick reminded us that some people really do need it), powerful cavity preventer xylitol, and aloe vera combine for a knockout brushing experience. It also includes theobromine, which is an extract of cocoa beans, to help strengthen enamel.

It’s worth noting that the paste nicely foams up for a pleasant experience, while still being gentle enough for sensitive teeth. The brand is a family affair, too, created by father and son NYC cosmetic dentists Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Zachary Linhart—meaning it’s most definitely dentist-approved, too.