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Bright White LINHART Smile!

Do you strive to have a fresh, clean, bright, white smile? Do you know that your smile is what is noticed first when you are introduced to someone. Now you can have a bright, LInhart white smile without the hassle of trays or strips. You can even do it in the comfortable, convenience of your own home. Linhart Dentistry provides you with all of the materials you need to achieve this goal.

About Linhart Dentistry

In 1973, after knowing what his parents sacrificed to provide for him in USA, Jan Linhart attended college. Upon graduating New York School of Dentistry in 1979, he decided to open up his own dentistry. It would start as a one chair affair and later become world renowned, state of the art practice. In 2011, Dr. Jan Linhart welcomed his son Dr. Zachary Linhart to the practice. Together they strive to stay up to date with ever changing dental procedures to provide the public with that healthy smile. In 2007 the father son doctor duo developed PerlinBrite, the first of four generations of personalized products. After 10 years of development, improvements and modifications, the doctors have a preventative and restorative dental care line called Linhart.

The Product

The Linhart brand includes a few products. The Nano-silver toothbrush which is antibacterial, soft, and has multi-length bristles to reach all areas of your mouth. The toothpaste has theobromine which helps strengthen enamel, flouride to prevent cavities, xylitol a sugar that helps prevent tooth decay, and aloe vera which soothes and heals the gums. The tooth whitener gel, which you can just add to the top of your toothpaste includes hydrogen peroxide and a carrier that helps to keep the hydrogen peroxide stable, resulting in whiter teeth.


After just a few days, the results are fantastic. I absolutely love the way my mouth feels after each use and I see the difference in the color of my teeth already. I love that it is so easy to achieve that bright, Linhart white smile with just toothpaste and gel. The flavor of the toothpaste is minty but not overwhelming and it makes me feel like I have fresh breath all day. Their chapstick is phenomenal. I always have dry lips due to the environment I work in and it has really helped them feel smooth throughout the day.

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