In-Office LINHART Laser Whitening

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    LINHART Laser Whitening Our unique LINHART Laser Whitening system was developed by Dr. Jan Linhart and takes approximately two hours to complete; the advantages over other tooth whitening procedures are numerous.  Dr. Linhart has specifically utilized two different lasers and three different proprietary laser-specific gels to achieve the optimum whitening result. In addition to a 2 hour in-office whitening, custom trays are fabricated so you can continue the whitening procedure at home!


    •  speeds up the tooth whitening process over take home whitening so that immediate results are achieved.
    • It is safe because the teeth are isolated and unnecessary sensitivity is avoided.
    • We can whiten one or two teeth adjacent to restorations in order to create a uniform smile.
    • Extremely effective with your satisfaction guaranteed!

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    Why Ingredients Matter!

    A line of oral care products based on 10 years of development within our global patient pool, 40 years of dental experience, and 100 years of Linhart expertise!

    “We pride ourselves on having consistent, long-term patients who travel to us from around the world. We work hard to create an environment in our office where patients feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best possible dental care, and we practiced this same approach in creating our products."

    -Dr. Linhart

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